Block informing Liquid Rhythm is now included with Liquid Music and that’s the more-recently-updated one, then a link to that download page. Artwork and etc, maybe this is done as text overlay atop a Cover?

Either on this page, or on the page(s) with the downloads themselves, or on both, it should say that this is both the full version and a trial, and if you don’t have a license it’s a trial, and if you want to buy a license, go check out our SHOP with a link to it, etc…

Some separator or something, the above should take up a good amount of room.

Block with Legacy separate Liquid Rhythm stuff and the link to previous versions? v1.4.5 for sure, possibly others, we will decide what we will continue to offer later. Older versions are currently private but were previously public; no one has complained.

Possibly include additional downloads related to Liquid Rhythm (Lemur script, etc) on this page (perhaps above the Legacy section?), or, possibly, these will only be available when logged-in and via the User Portal?