Block with a link to the latest version download page.

Either on this page, or on the page(s) with the downloads themselves, or on both, it should say that this is both the full version and a trial, and if you don’t have a license it’s a trial, and if you want to buy a license, go check out our SHOP with a link to it, etc…

Older versions possibly also offered, v1.7.0 at the least was very stable, not sure if any of any of the 1.5.x / 1.6.x are worth including due to features lacked / performance loss (pre-notification-cleanup and pre-import-algorithm-improvements-and-optimizations) / lower stability, but maybe?

Or maybe we only allow old version downloads for logged-in users as part of the User Portal and all release versions are available, with best/most stable versions indicated somehow (1.7.0, 1.4.5, possibly some of the earlier ones?)

If there are other downloads related to Liquid Music, they should go here (unless they are also only available when logged in).